Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Mrs Barker & Mrs Braithwaite

Welcome to Class One


Bright Lights and City Life will be the title under which much of our learning in Year 1 will be placed this Spring term. In numeracy we will continue to develop calculation skills, securing knowledge of number bonds to 20 in conjunction with addition and subtraction. We will learn about money, adding and subtracting and the coins and notes that are used.


Literacy learning will continue to progress their writing skills including the forming of sentences that make sense with associated punctuation. These skills will be used to write instructions. We will read and follow instructions, discuss the characteristics of instruction writing and then write our own. Last term we read some Paddington stories and we will start the term by looking at these as many have reference to London as a setting. This will link with our geography topic. Mrs Barker will continue to send home the Spellings homework.


Geography we intend to learn about Great Britain and the capital cities. Connected with this will be identifying modes of transport particularly those found in cities with which we are less familiar.

Science will continue to look at the seasons and the changes we experience in connection with them, this will then lead on to learning about everyday materials and the properties associated with them. We intend to investigate various materials and their suitability for purpose.


Our art will be city focused; city landscapes, city art galleries and art found in city environments. Mrs Barker will be focusing on Chinese New Year and this will form the greater part of the children’s D&T learning during the spring term.


In ICT, the children will be starting to learn about computer programming and will use Blue bots for this purpose. Always fun and exciting learning opportunities.


P.E. Days for this have yet to be finalised, however we ask that kits are in school every day. That your child has a kit suitable for outdoor use, this needs to include a jumper or hoody other than their school jumper. Remember please that children need a pair of socks in their kit and of course, everything needs naming. For those with earrings please check with Mrs Barker and Mrs Braithwaite to confirm days; many thanks!


And finally, phonics is a key part of children’s reading and writing development. During the term the children will be learning Phase 5 phonics. Ask your children about them as they read, which they can identify and the sounds the phonemes make. Later in the term we will be sending further information home in connection with their phonics learning.


We’re looking forward to another great term of exploration and discovery opportunities leading to valuable learning.

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