Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Mrs Hearn & Mrs Umpleby

The boys enjoy using their imaginations to create their own worlds to play with.

The boys enjoy using their imaginations to create their own worlds to play with. 1

Welcome to Reception Class


Summer Term 2019


All the children have settled in very well, are happy at school and learning lots!


Last term was very busy and a lot of fun. We are still following ‘in the moment planning’ which has led to a huge variety of activities; building volcanoes, baking, investigating habitats, making bird feeders, lots of storytelling and role play, to mention but a few.


One highlight is Action Ants. This will be continuing in the summer term but it is hoped to be taking place outdoors. Please can children come to school in their outdoor PE clothes on Mondays; jogging bottoms, leggings, and outdoor pumps or trainers.


The children have had great times exploring the woods and will continue to go each week. Please provide warm, named and waterproof clothes, as we do go out whatever the weather.


In Summer Term we will continue to work to the Early Years Foundation Stage by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside in our lovely setting. Hopefully weather permitting we will be able to explore the outdoors more, looking at change and growth as well as enjoying outdoor play and problem solving.


Reading: We will continue to focus on letters and sounds, recognising the letters and their sounds and reading simple words and captions.  Please help your child learn and recognise the letters and sounds and share the books they bring home. Hearing your child read most days at home will really help them progress.


Writing: We will be focusing on writing this term to help your child to be ready for Year 1. At home please encourage any writing; birthday cards, shopping list, stories, making books, labels…writing in sand , mud or on paper!


Thank you to all our parents for their help and support with reading, name writing and other areas of the curriculum. And last but certainly not least for naming your child’s clothes! Please do ensure all your child’s clothes are named.


Your child's education and happiness is very important to us so please come and talk to us about your child's needs, interests, and achievements at home. 

Physical Development

Physical Development 


Through climbing children develop their physical strength and fine and gross motor skills.  These skills are important when learning to grip a pencil and write.   Using the climbing equipment also develops critical thinking skills.  Children learn to problem solve and challenge themselves.  The apparatus gives children the opportunity to climb, balance and jump.   In doing this they are  learning to manage and assess risk which is also an important life skill.  The children have certainly put on their 'can do' hats showing great determination, and developed many skills and confidence this term.


Action Ants

Action Ants 1
Action Ants 2
Action Ants 3
Action Ants 4
Action Ants 5
Action Ants 6
Action Ants are back again for more fun packed physical development.  The children will be given the opportunity to try out new sports.  The sessions are non stop fun and give the kids a real workout.  
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