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COVID-19 Phased Reopening - Information for parents


Phased Reopening of Appleby Primary School – Guidance for Pupils, Parents and Carers


The following guidance should be read in conjunction with the additional guidance and policies provided below.


We would ask parents to consider the information in this document and in the further guidance and discuss this with pupils to support their reintroduction into school. 



Intended Phases of Reopening Plan:


In accordance with Government guidance, we plan to reopen school in small stages to a much reduced number of pupils. Decisions are driven by the requirement to ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils, staff and families and are contingent on updated guidance from the Department for Education and the satisfactory assessment of risk by the school. Parents will be consulted in advance of each phase to confirm the required number of pupil places in order to assess risk and capacity.


  • Phase One (Week Commencing June 1st)

Vulnerable pupils and the pupils of KeyworkersEssential to the Government’s Covid-19 response will continue to access childcare at Eden Rural Hub based in Appleby Primary School.


  • Phase Two (From Week Commencing June 8th)

Pupils will begin to return to Appleby Primary School based upon the following priorities stipulated by the Department for Education.


Priority 1: Vulnerable Pupils

Priority 2: The children of Key Workers. 

Priority 3: Other Year Groups stipulated by the Department for Education. Based upon the school’s risk assessment, the first year group of pupils to return to school will be Year 6.


Please note, that dependent on the number of pupils wishing to return from this date, priority will be given to vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers. This may mean that not all pupils listed above will return to school from June 8th. Phase Two is expected to run for a minimum period of TWO WEEKS.


  • Phase Three (From W/C 29th June)

Following a review of health and safety and risk assessment procedures, we will be enabling small groups of up to 8 pupils to attend school for "Keeping in Touch Sessions" with their class teacher for September 2020. This is to support pupils' transition ahead of the new school year.



We recognise that school will be much changed during this period of phased reopening. This Guidance Page will provide further information to support pupils returning to school and their families.


School Organisation to Promote Protective Measures and Social Distancing of Pupils:


Clinically Vulnerable Pupils and Pupils living with a clinically vulnerable member of the household:

Clinically vulnerable individuals who are at higher risk of severe illness (for example, people with some pre-existing conditions are set out in the Staying at home and away from others (social distancing) guidance.


Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals are set out in the Guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19.


  • If a child or young person is clinically extremely vulnerableor lives with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable they should not attend school and should continue to access learning from home.
  • If a child or young person is clinically vulnerable, or living with someone who is clinically vulnerable, parents should seek medical advice and contact the school so that an individual risk assessment and individual healthcare plan can be considered.



The Government recognises that primary school pupils will find it challenging to adhere to strict social distancing rules. Pupils will be allocated to “Bubbles” which will remain separate from each other at all times.Bubble 1will be where vulnerable pupils and the children of Key workers are based and is situated in the staff room block (see map). Each Bubble will be supported by teams of staff who will work with smaller groups of pupils determined by the size of classrooms being utilised. Children may not be taught by their own teacher. No Bubble will exceed 15 pupils as directed by Government guidance. 


Each Bubble must remain self-contained at all times. Each area has toilets, welfare facilities and resources specifically allocated to it. Staffing will remain consistent within each bubble throughout this period. Key points of the day such as arrival and departure times, breaks and lunchtimes will be timetabled to ensure that distancing between groups of pupils is maintained at all times. 


Pupils and families are asked to adhere to social distancing rules at home as well as in school and not to mix with pupils outside school who are allocated to a different bubble when in school.


Arrival and Departure:

Pupils are encouraged to walk or cycle to school where possible and to avoid public transport. School Transport will not be in operation. Pupils should adhere to strict social distancing on the way to and from school.


Each Bubble is allocated its own arrival and collection point. For Bubble One, this is situated in the car park close to the children’s centre. Bubble two will use the main school entrance from Station Road. One-way systems will be in place and other school entrances will remain locked at all times. 


The beginning and end of the school day will be staggered as follows:



Arrival Time

Collection Time 

Bubble One (Keyworker/vulnerable)



Bubble Two (Year 6a)

9.00 am


Bubble Three (Year 6b) 8.50am 3.00pm


Parents and pupils are asked to adhere to social distancing arrangements in place at drop-off and collection times. 


Pupils will be greeted by a member of staff. Parents will not be permitted to enter the school unless by prior agreement with the Headteacher. Continued communication between home and school will be important. We would ask parents to support us by using email to: admin@applebyprimary.cumbria.sch.ukor telephone: 01768351431. 


School Uniform

Both staff and pupils will be required to wear freshly laundered clothing each day to promote hygiene and safety. To reflect this, we will be relaxing our dress code. Pupils should wear a clean school sweatshirt and plain or school t-shirt. Pupils may wear clean school trousers each day but are welcome to wear shorts, skirts or trousers that are not part of the standard school uniform. Dress restrictions will also be relaxed for staff to enable them to wear clothing which is comfortable and easily cleaned. 


Lunch Times

Pupils will continue to be able to order a school lunch through the usual Lunchshop website. As the canteen will not be in use, this will be a packed lunch each day. Pupils may also choose to bring a packed lunch from home. This should be sent in a lunchbox which is taken home and thoroughly cleaned each day. Children will keep their lunchboxes on their own allocated peg. Parents should be advised that pupils will need to eat their lunch independently so should try to avoid items which are tricky to open without help.


Lunches will be taken in the classroom where social distancing arrangements will be in place. 



Break times will be staggered so that only one Bubble is accessing an outdoor area at a time. Supervision will be led by Bubble staff or an allocated Bubble Midday Supervisor at lunchtimes.


The outdoor play equipment will not be in use throughout this period. However, some games and toys will be provided. These will be cleaned thoroughly each day and will not be shared between different Bubbles. 



Whilst the Government acknowledges that primary children will find it very difficult to follow social distancing rules, some protective measures to promote social distancing will be in effect. Classrooms will be stripped of all non-essential furnishings and resources. Older children will have an allocated desk which will remain to enable children to work at a 2m distance from their peers and staff members. We recognise that younger children will find it challenging to remain seated at a desk for longer periods. In classrooms where younger children learn, other measures such as floor markings or mats will be used. 


Moving Around the School

Moving around the school will be kept to a minimum. However signage, one-way systems and floor markings will encourage pupils to maintain a safe social distance at all times. On arrival on their first day in school, all pupils will receive induction and guidance on the additional control measures in place. 



Sun Protection / Rainwear

It will be important that children have the opportunity to spend time each day outdoors. Parents should ensure that children are properly prepared for the weather. Children should apply suncream prior to coming to school and may bring a sunhat. Children may also bring suncream to school but will need to apply this themselves. 


In the case where rain is possible, children should bring a regularly laundered waterproof coat.


Curriculum and Learning


Throughout the period of phased opening of school, we will continue to prepare resources to support home learning. These will continue to be prepared and shared via the school website in the same way as they have been throughout the recent period of school closure.


Whilst in school, pupils will continue to access the SAME learning which is shared via the home learning portal on the school website.  The majority of learning will take place within allocated classrooms, but children may also be taught outdoors. We recognise that returning to school at the moment will, by necessity, be different from under normal circumstances. In addition to the learning activities taught each day, teachers will ensure that further activities will be provided to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. 



Coronavirus, symptoms, safety measures and precautions.


What to do if you think a member of your household has symptoms consistent with Coronavirus.

You should be aware of the symptoms of coronavirus. We would ask parents to help us to promote the safety and welfare of all staff, pupils and families to remain vigilant for the following symptoms of coronavirus:


  • High Temperature 
  • New, continuous cough 
  • Loss or change to sense of smell or taste


If your child or a member of your household develops any of these symptoms (even if mild)you should NOTcome to school and should notify school straight away by phone or email. You should ask to be tested immediately.  Your household should self-isolate whilst awaiting the outcome of the test. In the case of a positive test, you should comply with the Government’s “Test and Trace” scheme and notify school immediately. Your household must then self-isolate for a period of 14 days.


Please note that more information about what to do if you have symptoms and about “test and trace” can be found at





What will happen if a child demonstrates symptoms of Coronavirus whilst at school?


If anyone becomes unwell with any of the above symptoms whilst in school the must be sent home immediately and advised to follow the guidance for households (outlined above) which is available at:


Whilst a child is awaiting collection, they will be moved to an isolation area with appropriate adult supervision. The above guidance regarding testing and home isolation will then apply.



Parents should be aware that, in the case of an outbreak of coronavirus a Bubble, and possibly the wider school, may close at short notice.



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