Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Curriculum Overview

At Appleby Primary School we feel that it is important to instil a sense of curiosity and wonder and a love of learning in all our pupils, which will continue with them throughout their entire life.


To this end we are constantly challenging ourselves to develop a curriculum which will inspire and challenge our pupils but which will also make due acknowledgement to the changes which are taking place in our society. There are constantly changes in our global perception, changes in technology and subsequently changes in the way that we work and live and we strive to develop a curriculum which reflects this and fosters a spirit of learning for life.


Central to our vision and values is the development of an innovative and creative curriculum. Underpinning our planning and delivery of the curriculum is a recognition of the importance of instilling in children a spirit of enjoyment and enquiry and inspiring a love of learning. We believe that learning should be memorable; that children are able to make connections across areas of their learning and with the wider world and that the experiences children have in school empower them to become clear and independent thinkers, decision makers and well-rounded future citizens.


Children are provided with a rich and deep curriculum that supports and challenges all learners, matching learning to the stages of development of individual children. Although subjects may at times be taught separately, the children’s learning is often made more meaningful by applying knowledge and skills across different subjects. Teachers plan this through themes which may embrace a number of curriculum areas and that enables children to make connections across their learning and to develop their understanding in a practical, real-life context. We are committed to providing enriching educational experiences that broaden horizons and encourage our children to be creative, resilient and independent.

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