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Guidance and Support for Home Learning


We recognise that supporting your child's learning at home can be challenging. Below are links to the letters that we have sent home to support you and some advice from the Department for Education. 


You can find links to the activities set each week in the relevant section. Pupils in the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) can click on Early Years. Pupils in Class 1 (Mrs Barker and Miss Dickinson) and Class 2 (Mrs Cathcart) will find their learning in the Year 1/2 section. The Year 3/4 section will take you to work set for children in Class 3 (Miss Tyson and Miss Matenczuk). Pupils in Years 5 and 6 (Mr Caygill and Mrs Willacy) will locate their tasks in the section marked Year 5/6).


Teachers will upload new activities each week clearly marked with the date. We would like children to try to access learning each day whilst school is closed. You should aim to complete the work set each week. There are links to online mathematics lessons, practice for key skills such as times tables, reading and phonics. There are also additional "topic" lessons taken from other national curriculum subjects. 


We recommend establishing a routine to your day whilst working at home with time spent on focussed learning activities and plenty of breaks. It is important to schedule time away from a screen as well as getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. 


Whilst we have provided set activities for each week, we also recognise that completing tasks can prove challenging. Home learning should NOT cause additional stress or distress. If your child becomes distressed, then take a break - you can always revisit a task later. If you would like additional help, please see below. We will be very happy to help. 


Why are there additional activities available on the website?

We recognise that some children are really enjoying the work that they are doing and exploring their learning and interests with their family. We have added lots of other ideas and links to online resources which you are very welcome to access. 


Remember - learning does not have to take place at a screen or with pen and paper. There are lots of opportunities to learn that you can try out together. 


What about marking work or providing feedback?

The best feedback that children can receive is immediate or as soon after a task is completed at home. We recommend that you look at the work your child has completed together soon after it is completed. 


Feedback should be POSITIVE. Try to provide lots of praise - particularly identifying the strengths within a piece of work. You could then point out (only) one area that could be something to work on next time. Remember to ask your child if there was any element that they found particularly difficult so that you can offer additional support. 


It is important to remember that children are not used to completing large volumes of work at home. This is a strange time for all of us - especially them - so offer plenty of praise for their efforts. 


What should we do with work that is completed?

We do not plan to collect ALL of children's home learning once school reopens. However, we would love to put together an exhibition about our pupils' experience of the coronavirus pandemic. Please hang on to samples of your children's best work so that we can publicly display it once school reopens. 


We would also like to offer your child praise for the work they have done. When children complete great work in school, they can expect to have it displayed. We would like to put together a weekly sample of home learning to share via Facebook and on the school website complete with praise from their teachers. You can share work by emailing it to or sending a facebook message to our main school facebook page. Pupils in the Early Years are also encouraged to send photographs to our Seedlings Facebook Group. 


How can I keep in touch with my child's teacher?

You will receive an email this week with a message from your child's class teacher. We would love to keep in touch and find out how you are all getting on so please do feel free to contact us. 


If you feel your child would benefit from some support from their class teacher, please feel free to drop them an email. These will be checked and responded to within normal school hours. There is also "contact form" on your child's home learning page. This will send an email to your teacher. 


If you feel that you would like to receive a phone call from a teacher or member of staff in school, we are very happy to help. This can be requested via email. We will try to get back to you as early as possible within normal school hours; will talk to you and/or your child and offer support in any way that we are able.


What should I do if I have concerns about a child?


If you have concerns that a child may be at risk of or experiencing harm, you should call Cumbria Safeguarding Hub on 0333 240 1727. 

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