Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Home Learning Week Commencing 13th July

Nursery Phonics - Phase 1

All Aspects of Phase 1 phonics have now been covered in the previous weeks planning. If your child has found any of the Aspects 1-7 tricky, then why not recap on some of the activities from previous weeks. 

Nursery Weekly Challenge

Reception Phonics

We have covered all the sounds for phase 2 and 3 phonics. I know lots of children will not be confident with them all so please practise with: 

  • the games on New Phonics Play (User name: march20 passwors:home)
  • the pdfs below
  • looking back at the phonics activities from previous home learning
  • finding sounds in stories or around the the house eg. air in fairy, or or in unicorn, oa in boat
  • sound talking words: "Please put on your s-o-ck-s"  "Time for b-e-d"
  • playing I spy

Have Fun! smiley

Reception Maths

These summer maths pdfs cover lots of the Reception maths. Have a go with your child and recap on anything they are finding tricky. Lots of the activities are fun!

And of course there is the wonderful activities in this weeks WhiteRose maths. Use the link below.

How Many Legs | Books for Kids Read Aloud

This weeks text for WhiteRose maths is how Many Legs. Enjoy the fun maths activities....

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