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Aspect 7 - Segmenting & Blending

Oral blending and segmenting is a later skill that will be important when it comes time to read and write. Being able to hear separate sounds within a word and then blend them back to understand that word is really important.


Blending - is a vital skill for reading. The separate sounds (phonemes) of the word are spoken aloud, in order, all through the word e.g. The adult would say c-a-t =cat


Segmenting - is a vital skill for spelling. The whole word is spoken aloud, then broken up into its separate sounds (phonemes) in order, all through the word. For example the adult would say cat = c-a-t.

Phonics Hero Oral Blending - Example

28 Make The Sounds.mp3

30 Robot.mp3

Reception Phonics

Booster Phonics. What are Apple and Bee up to this week?

This week's sounds: oi and ear

Reception Maths

The Princess and The wizard | Books for Kids Read Aloud

Enjoy the WhiteRose maths activities about days of the week, measuring time, making patterns and more, centred around this lovely story.

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