Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

In the garden

Finding ways to access fresh air and spend time outdoors is essential to promoting good mental health as well as the obvious physical advantages. Try to get outside each day whilst guidance from the government allows this to happen. If it's raining? Put a coat on... your children will not be put off by a spot of drizzle. 


As well as having fun, there are lots of educational opportunities to make the most of outdoors.


  • Go for a walk: Remember to follow current government guidance on self-isolation or social distancing; but there is nothing quite like a walk in the countryside.
  • Help in the garden: The weather is taking a better turn and so it is a great time to get out in the garden if you have one. Children can help with weeding and garden preparation - any chat and discussion that takes place while you are working will promote learning from the national curriculum for science. Children should learn what helps plants to grow and how plants grow from seeds. So, if you have any, why not plant some seeds. You could even take photographs with older children which they could make into powerpoint, scrapbook or ebook using apps like "book creator" available on the APP store.
  • Build an obstacle course: Younger children (and older ones too) will enjoy building an obstacle course in the garden. Skills such as problem solving, perseverance and resilience that they will need are key parts of learning in school.
  • Learn to ride a bike. If you are lucky enough not to be isolated at home - or are lucky enough to have the space when you are - why not learn to ride that bike?
  • Teach your child traditional playground games: A stick of chalk means you are moments away from a hopscotch court; can you remember the songs and rhymes that you sang when you skipped or played catch against the school wall? - if you can't, google will!
  • Decorate a plant pot and plant a sunflower
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