Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Mrs Parsons & Miss Matenczuk

Welcome to Class Three

Summer Term 2019


Welcome back to another term. We look forward to enjoying the warmer weather and taking our learning more outdoors.


This term we will be following a very broad topic of ‘Life’. Our studies will be inspired by the earliest known human life in Britain, which we will follow until the end of the Iron Age. This Stone Age topic will require the children to immerse themselves into the starkly different way of life to the one they have today.  They will look at Cave Art, Stone Circles, Early farming, and how they developed through the Bronze Age and onwards.


In Science we will explore our physical bodies and the nutrition we need to survive; how our bodies process nutrition and how we can look after our teeth in the process. We will also investigate plants, looking at their life cycles, pollination, and how they transport water.


All areas of Literacy will link to our studies of Life, and the children will continue to expand their skillset of text types, handwriting, spelling and other literacy skills, using drama, role play and first hand learning. We will spend time focusing on Spelling and Grammar, improving the children’s understanding of linguistic features such as conjunctions and homophones.


In maths we will be developing confidence in learning the times tables, and using and applying that understanding to help solve division problems. We will also look at 2d and 3d shapes, right angles, symmetry, direction, and time.


Understanding what is important to each child is an area of our Life topic we take seriously, so the children will be creating their own personal Powerpoints to present in Show & Tell.


To understand Life today, the children will be learning how to code. We will build up programming skills and the children will learn to write their own algorithms. 


The children enjoy active and varied PE lessons; this term they will have the opportunity to take part in additional cricket coaching, as well as playing netball and rounders in our lessons. Please can you ensure that your child has their PE kit in school every day, including suitable outdoor kit, and that all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Please can we remind children that personal pencil cases are allowed in class, however they must be small enough to fit inside the children’s drawers.

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