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PHSE and Wellbeing

With all the extra challenges of home learning it is important to remember to take time to look after everyone's wellbeing.  

Question of the Week!

Each week a new question will be added to this web page and our school Facebook page during these exception circumstances.  We would like you to answer the questions individually, as a family or as a member of our extended school community. 

You can answer the question with pictures, written words or recorded words.  As a school we would like to keep these as a record of how people were feeling during these difficult times.  You can use Facebook or send your answers to Mrs Brown using the contact details below.


w/c 1st June 2020

What is your favourite thing about lock down?

30 Day Health and Wellbeing Challenge.

Take the 30 day challenge to keep your families mind and body well and to keep on a 'positive path'.  Try to tick of all the activities on a day by day basis, you can alter the order if it fits into your family routine.


Picture 1
Relaxation and wellbeing links for the whole family.

Contact Mrs Brown

You can message me your answers to the weekly question here.

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