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Reading and Reading Ideas

Continuing to read every day is a must. It will help children to maintain their reading development and to continue to develop their reading skills and confidence. For some children, losing themselves in a good book will something they chose to do naturally when isolated at home. This should be encouraged and is a great way to promote good mental health. 


For other children, reading is not something that they will choose to do without encouragement. Parents should continue to encourage their children to read each day. Below are some suggestions for other ways to promote reading and the development of childrens' reading.


  • Read a book together: Choose a good book to share together. You could take turns to read a page or a few pages to each other. Take time to talk about what you have read; discuss events and characters, make predictions and share things you have enjoyed and why. Talking about reading will help children to develop their comprehension skills and sharing that with you will help them to develop their shared enjoyment.
  • Write the next page: Stop reading at a good point in the story - a cliffhanger work best. Ask your child to write the next page of the story. Younger children could draw a picture and tell you what they think might happen next.
  • Draw a picture of a character from a story: Children can also write words to describe that character around the outside. Challenge more able readers and older children to write quotes from the text which give insights into the character.
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