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Week Commencing 29th June


Planning will be uploaded each week with three linked English activities to complete. 


Don't forget that you can still be writing your daily journal - it may be something you look back on when you are older. It can even include writing from an adult too (if you want) as well as newspaper cuttings, any letters you receive during this time and any pictures/photographs too.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation.

If you are happy setting your child the phased spellings that we usually use in school, then please continue to do so. Otherwise, these are some commonly misspelt words that are in the curriculum for children to learn in years 3 and 4.  There are also alternative spellings available in our fortnightly booster activities. 















Practise your apostrophes for omission/ contraction on BBC Bitesize.



Remember to spend time reading each day.  If you have a book from home that you are enjoying reading then this is ideal. However, click below to access lots of our reading scheme books as e-books which you can read on a computer, phone or tablet.



A daily mathematics lesson is available via White Rose Mathematics. Please find this week's worksheets below.  Lesson presentations are still available on the White Rose Mathematics website - Click on the link below:

You can also keep your tables skills honed with Times Tables Rock Stars. Spend some time each day if you can. If you need reminding of your TT rockstars login then please let your class teacher know.


This week's geography focus is Pompeii/ Mount Vesuvius. Please see Mrs Mackenzie's pictures in the gallery below to support this week's tasks.

Pompeii photos

Basilica - A court of law and centre for business.
The Grand Theatre; used for plays and performances
Vesuvius - You can see how close it was to Pompeii
Archway to the Forum - would have been marble.
The bakery -  the arch at the back is the oven.
The Forum - These archways are all that remain.
Forum-  It was used for politics and religion.
Decorated columns - You can see the engravings.
Ampitheatre - Built in 80BC by digging 6m down.
It was used for gladiator games.
Thermopolium - the holes were used for refreshment
Mosaic floor
Another view of the Forum
Streets - see the large stones and raised pavement
Pompeii had both wide and narrow streets.
Columns - these were a very common design feature
These would have held large roofs or second floors
Statues - Roman artworks are still being found now
Assembly room - where the magistrates were.
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