Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Welcome to Class 3

Autumn Term 2019

Here in Class 3 we are looking forward to welcoming returning and new children into our class for an exciting school year. Mrs Parsons will be teaching the class Monday- Wednesday, while Miss Matenczuk will be teaching on Thursday & Friday. This will continue until the October Half Term, when Mrs Parsons will hand over to the lovely Mrs Tyson as she begins her maternity leave. Mrs Tyson is already spending time planning out the year with ourselves and will be familiar with all children in the class before she begins her teaching.


For this Autumn Term, the Class will be building on a wide variety of skills and knowledge. We will be learning about the brutal Viking invasion on Britain and how this affected the Anglo Saxons living here at the time. During this historical journey, we will be focusing on clothing. What did they wear and why? How did the climates and landscapes affect the dress of those in that era? We will be looking at Viking jewellery and designing our own; trying our hands at a bit of clay work as well. Any research the children would like to do on this area at home would help support their learning in class.


In Maths we will continue to develop the children’s confidence in basic number operations, with a focus on fast recall of all times tables. Any help you are able to give at home in supporting your child in learning their times tables would be very useful. We will also be learning about 2d and 3d shapes and their properties, how to convert and use various measures such as grams and kilograms, using an analogue and digital clocks, and solving word problems related to money.


In Science we will be looking at the topics of Electricity and Light. We will learn how to construct simple electrical circuits and how to recognise some common conductors and insulators. We will investigate shadows and reflections, and discuss the importance of sun protection.


Alongside all of this, the children will be building on their ability to research and record using the Internet. How do search engines work and how is the Internet connected? 


Conversational French will be taught weekly.


P.E will be on Wednesday and Friday, but we do request that the full kit is in school all week as the Sports Partnership often offer specialised lessons, which can be on any day. Please refer to the school uniform email for our full P.E kit or enquire with the office. Children are unable to take part in P.E. with earrings in and we advise any new piercing are done at the beginning of the summer to give chance to heal before term starts. 

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