Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Emma's Building

Emma’s Building Spring Term 2022


Happy New Year! We hope you continue to stay safe and well this year.


The children will continue to have 1:1 sessions on a morning in order to enhance their learning. We will incorporate targets from Individual Support Plans into the children’s learning. Some children access the engagement model of learning through sensory activities.


Every Monday we will continue cooking with an exciting range of dishes using different skills, tastes and textures planned. We will be celebrating Chinese New Year with an afternoon of tasting different foods and listening to music and stories.


For PE we will join our class peers for gross motor skills work this term. We will continue to access Charanga music where we will explore different music rhythm and beat using a variety of instruments.


We will be studying Animals and their Habitats as our part of our science curriculum. For Topic, Year One and Two children will be looking at Madagascar and its environment. Year Three and Four children will be studying Iceland and its features. Some of our afternoon learning will be spent in our peer group classes.


Computing will continue to follow activities from Purple Mash, which can also be accessed from home using their individual login.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Mrs Barker, Mrs Rooke, Miss Johnston, Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Verity, Mrs Bewley, Ms Cooper, Miss Hewitt, Miss Tarn, Mrs Holmes

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