Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Emma's Building

Emma’s Building Spring Term 2021


We wish you a happy and safe New Year. We start the year in a National Lockdown with the school open only to key worker and vulnerable children due to COVID 19 restrictions.


The children who attend school will continue to have 1:1 sessions in a morning in order to enhance their learning. The children at home will be supported with their learning via a remote learning platform. We will incorporate targets from their Individual Support Plans into the children’s learning.


Every Monday we will continue cooking with an exciting range of dishes using different skills, tastes and textures planned. PE will be in the form of Joe Wicks exercising during lockdown. Children in Year One and Two will be learning about Appleby and the school environment and Year 3 about the United Kingdom in Geography and about human and animal bodies in Science. We will also be understanding how another culture celebrates New Year with an afternoon of tasting different Chinese foods and listening to Chinese music and stories.


We will continue to access Charanga music where we will explore different music rhythm and beat using a variety of instruments. Art will look at the use of colour in our environmental pictures.


In computing we will access purple mash activities and for learn how to programme the Blue Bots to complete a sequence of directions.


Mrs Barker, Mrs Rooke, Miss Osborne, Miss Johnston, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Chieze & Mrs Wilkinson

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