Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Mrs Hearn

Welcome to Reception Class.

Spring Term 2024

Our first theme this term is  'Transportation'.  Children will build on their previous knowledge of transporting objects. They will discover different forms of transport and discover how transportation has evolved over time. They will map familiar journeys around school and Appleby. During the second half of the term our theme is 'Our Amazing World'.  Children will learn more about where they live in relation to other places in Great Britain and other countries around the world.   They will also learn how  planet Earth fits into our solar system and  explore different environments around the world making comparisons between them.


We will continue to  use Little Wandle letters and sounds revised phonics programme.  The children will bring home a reading for pleasure book for you to share, this is for you to read to them and enjoy reading together. All children have now mastered blending and are doing amazing on their reading journey. Children will be bringing home a new practice book each week to show of their reading skills.   Please read with your child at least 3 times a week and comment in their reading diary. There is lots of information for parents on how you can support your child on the Little Wandle Website.   


We will be  following the NCETM Mastering Number programme. This is a mastery approach where children engage in practical activities focusing on subitising, counting, cardinality, ordinality and composition.   Miss Ridely will also use White Rose Maths focusing on Shape Space and measure.


Our focus this term will be on learning phase 2 phonemes, how to blend and begin to read tricky words. 

1st Half Term

Week 1 ai ee igh oa

Week 2 oo oo ar or was you they

Week 3 ur ow oi ear my by all

Week 4 air er words with double letters: dd mm tt bb rr gg pp ff  are sure pure

Week 5 longer words


2nd Half Term 

Week 1 review Phase 3: ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur oo ow oi ear Review all taught so far Secure spelling Week 2 review Phase 3: er air words with double letters longer words

Week 3 words with two or more digraphs

Week 4 longer words words ending in –ing compound words

Week 5 longer words words with s in the middle /z/ s words ending –s words with –es at end /z/


Your child will be bringing home a home learning sheet each week with the phonemes we have learnt, for you to practise.



We will be focusing on good pencil grips and the correct formation of graphemes. Children will practice segmenting sounds for writing in small groups.  Writing is encouraged throughout the day in continuous provision.  Each morning we will start to write captions and simple sentences to encourage independent writing and practice phonemes learnt in phonics.   


Thursday mornings we will be learning about what effect exercise has on our bodies and the importance of keeping healthy.    We will be focus on parachute games and throwing and catching skills.   

Forest School 

This will be every Monday afternoon.  Make sure children have the correct kit as listed in the induction booklet.   We will go out whatever the weather so be prepared for muddy children!  They will go home in their kit so it can be dried for the next week.  


We will be singing familiar songs and building up a repertoire of new songs. We will also explore the musical instruments and play along to the songs we learn.   

Welcome to Appleby Primary School