Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Mrs Hearn

Welcome to Reception Class.

Autumn 2022

Over the next half term our theme is based around  'Me and my Community'. Our focus will initially be on settling the children in, getting to know them and teaching class routines. Children will revisit health and self-care skills and how to look after themselves at school. The children will learn about their families and make comparisons about different children in their class. Children will learn about what makes them individual. They will learn about where they live and where Appleby is in the UK and the World.    We hope to visit Appleby town to learn about what facilities our community has.  

After half Term we will be learning about Celebrations and creatures of the wood.   


We will be using Little Wandle letters and sounds revised phonics programme.   This is very exciting as we have lots of new books to read.  The children will be bringing home a new practice book each week to show of their reading skills.   They will also bring home a book to share.   Please continue to share books from home and the library and comment in books at least 3 times a week.   Initially your child will bring home a book without words, as soon as they start blending sounds they will bring a book home with words. You can practice oral blending at home.  Visit the Little Wandle website for more information on how to support your child with reading at home. 


We will be  following the NCETM Mastering Number programme. This is a mastery approach where children engage in practical activities focusing on subitising, counting, cardinality, ordinality and composition.   


We are starting with phase 2 phonics learning the phonemes and their grapheme correspondence.   Your child will be bringing home a home learning sheet each week with the phonemes we have learnt, for you to practise at home.   


We will focus on name writing and correct letter formation using the Little Wandle formation phrases.  We will start segmenting words into sounds to write simple words and phrases. 


Thursday mornings we will be learning about what effect exercise has on our bodies and the importance of keeping healthy.    We will use the school climbing and balancing apparatus to develop strengh, balance and co- ordination.  

Forest School 

This will be every Monday afternoon.  Make sure children have the correct kit as listed in the induction booklet.   We will go out whatever the weather so be prepared for muddy children!  They will go home in their kit so it can be dried for the next week.  


We will be singing familiar songs and building up a repertoire of new songs. We will also explore the musical instruments and play along to the songs we learn.   The school year will end with a Christmas performance.    








Welcome to Appleby Primary School