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Welcome to Class One


Spring Term 2023


Welcome back Class 1! I hope you have had a lovely festive break, and are ready for a exciting new year! We are looking forward to another term; our themes are on 'animals including humans' and on studying 'our local environment and local significant historical events, people and places'.

As with last term, the cloakroom doors will open around 8.55am, with pick up from the classroom door at 3.10pm. Please let us or the office know if someone else will be collecting them in the afternoon.


Phonics & Reading: We will continue with the Little Wandle phonics program, exploring many new letters and sounds. To help facilitate this, children will be given two books to read at home: an easily decodable (readable) book, and a book to share and enjoy (to develop their love of reading). Children will have multiple reading sessions each week at school, and we will share their progress with you through their reading record. Reading at home is greatly encouraged, try to build this into a daily routine if you can, and let us know how your child got on through the reading record. Don’t forget that you can also access a huge range of e-books as well through the school’s online library (Please message for details): 


English: Alongside our phonics sessions, we will also encourage your child’s independence in their writing by exploring a range of books and texts, encouraging their comprehension and developing their handwriting. We will begin this term reading and exploring the book ‘How to be a Lion’ to stretch their imagination and to create instructions.


Maths: In Maths we will be using the White Rose scheme to develop your child’s confidence in place value, addition and subtraction within 20, and developing their knowledge in length, height, weight and volume, using lots of practical resources. We will also use ‘flashback 4’ daily challenges to build their fluency and recall. If you wish to practice at home, why not try the free maths app '1 minute maths'? (please message if you need the access code)


Geography & History: In Geography we will be studying our local area of Appleby, using basic geographical vocabulary, to identify key physical/human features, as well as using recognising features through aerial photos and maps. We will also be thinking of significant historical events, people, and places in Appleby, and finding out more about Lady Anne Clifford, and her castles.


Science: In science our theme is on animals including humans. We will try to identify different types of animals and learn about how these are categorised into different groups. We will also think about what animals we have in Appleby and what animals live in Madagascar. We will begin to think of what humans are, and identify different parts of human and animal bodies including exploring different senses. Hopefully we will be able to get hands-on with several animals as well!


Art and Design: Our art and design this term will be on ‘playful making’. We will find out more about sculpture, explore other artists 3D sculptures, and take a playful and inventive approach to our own work.


Computing: In computing, we will begin by using a computer to create and change text. We will familiarise ourselves by typing using a keyboard, and begin to use tools to change the look of writing, considering the differences between using a computer and writing on paper to create text.


PE: Our PE sessions continue to be twice a week, on Tuesdays (pm) and Friday (pm). Children should bring both outdoor and indoor kit as we will be going outdoors as much as the weather permits. Please make sure all kit has your child’s name in it, so we are able to reunite lost items successfully. Earrings must be removed for PE and the children must be able to do this for themselves.


Music: This term we will be looking at a wide range of musical styles and introducing the elements ‘tempo’ (how fast/slow) and ‘dynamics’ (how loudly/softly it is played). 


Communication: We will continue to use Seesaw for announcements and for communicating directly between home and school. I will keep sharing images of any exciting activities we do in school-time as well!


Please do not hesitate to send us a question via Seesaw if you have any queries. Looking forward to busy term!


Clara Dickinson

Welcome to Appleby Primary School