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Welcome to Class One


Summer Term 2022


I hope you are all well rested and re-energized after the Easter holidays! We will be exploring many different themes this term, such as investigating the features of plants and the learning of the first powered flight and why it is significant. We will also be getting ready for our Year 1 phonics screening check which will be taking place in June, which will be looking to see what sounds we can identify within real and alien words.


A few reminders: please make sure you label all clothing with your name, and if someone else is collecting your child in the afternoon please could you let us/the office know.


Reading: As with previous terms, children will be listened to at school by me, or Mrs Clifford, and we will share progress with you through your child’s reading record. Please read as often as you can with your child, and at least 3 times a week if they wish to complete the weekly reading challenge! Completing the reading challenge will give them 1 dojo point, a sticker and a mini-certificate!


Phonics & English: Alongside reading, we will also encourage your child’s fluency, spelling and blending through daily phonics sessions, continuing to revising key letters and sounds. We will be continuing to investigate ‘phase 5’ developing their knowledge of pronunciations and spellings. Mrs Clifford will continue her phonics group sessions for any child who may need extra support and guidance. We will continue to explore these themes through our comprehension and writing work, which will focus on plants and flying related texts, such as the ‘Secret Sky Garden’.


Maths: We will be investigating a wide variety of themes this term, focusing on introducing multiplication and division, money, time, identifying fractions and thinking about position and direction in geometry. We will also be developing our place value knowledge of numbers within 100 using lots of practical resources. We will also use NCETM programs to build on their fluency in number. If you wish to continue practicing at home, we recommend using the ‘Numbots’ app to help children build their fluency and ability with number.


History: In History this term we will be studying a significant event beyond living memory: the first powered aeroplane flight. We will be using timelines, maps, discussions and sequencing to help us find out what happened and what changes have occurred in aviation since! If we are lucky we may be able to go and visit some actual aircraft in person as well!


Science: In science our theme is on plants. We will be trying to identify a variety of wild and garden plants including types of trees. We will be looking closely at specimens, identifying the different parts and describing their structure. We hope to get a bit muddy and grow some of our own too!


Art and Design: Our art and design this term will be linked to our study of plants, and we will develop our ideas and techniques in drawing, observation and technique. We will be also be learning more about a very famous artist Van Gogh, and his masterpiece ‘Sunflowers’.


Computing: In computing, we will build on the knowledge we developed last term, developing our knowledge of algorithms through creating basic programming of bee-bots, and in our ability to group and sort.


PE: Our PE sessions continue to be twice a week, on Tuesdays (am) and Thursdays (pm). Children should bring both outdoor and indoor kit as we will be going outdoors as much as the weather permits. Please make sure all kit has your child’s name in it, so we are able to reunite lost items successfully. Earrings must be removed for PE and the children must be able to do this for themselves. We will be focusing on developing our team sports skills this term, through various different games.


Music: This term we will be having fun with improvisation, thinking of songs which we can sing to help us throughout the day. Towards the end of term will also be practicing another whole class song to be performed in the whole school singing assembly. Details will be announced closer to the time through seesaw.


Communication/Homework: We will continue to use Seesaw for announcements and for communicating directly between home and school. I will keep sharing images of any exciting activities we do in school-time as well!

This term will also introduce the concept of homework to Class 1, and there will be some simple tasks over the term to be completed at home. These will be communicated through seesaw and can be submitted the same way.


Please do not hesitate to send us a question via Seesaw if you have any queries. Looking forward to exciting term!


Clara Dickinson

Welcome to Appleby Primary School