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Welcome to Class One


Happy New Year!


We are looking forward to the new spring term of 2020.


This term Mrs Barker will be sending home the spellings homework linked to the phonics phase for your child on Mondays. This is to be returned the following Monday. Our focus will be phonics and a meeting will take place later this term with parents to discuss the statutory phonics assessment for the year 1 children.


In Geography with Miss Dickinson, we intend to learn about similarities and differences between Appleby and Mexico. This links to a country where our Erasmus visitors will be coming from. Science will explore a variety of animals and drawing and labelling of animals and humans body parts.


Mrs Barker will be focusing on Chinese New Year and Italy in D & T. This will take the form of experiencing a Chinese style restaurant and a variety of food. The children will also create their own pizzas.


In Computing, the children will be starting to learn about computer programming and will use Blue bots for this purpose. 


P.E. days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, however we ask that P.E. kits are in school every day.  Please ensure your child has a kit suitable for outdoor use too, this needs to include a jumper or hoody other than their school jumper.  Remember please that children need a pair of socks in their P.E. kit and of course, everything needs naming.  Please remember ear rings must be removed for PE.


We’re looking forward to another great term of exploration and discovery opportunities leading to valuable learning.


Mrs Barker and Miss Dickinson

Welcome to Appleby Primary School