Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Finance Health and Safety

Membership: Freddie Potts, David Spruce, Carol Barker, Aelswith Parker, Charlotte Birtles, Jonny Miller, Andrew Sterling, Debra Irving (Associate Member)


Chairperson: Charlotte Birtles


The Finance, Health & Safety Committee takes responsibility for the following delegated activities. In these areas the committee has the power to act on behalf of the governing body and will give progress reports:


Health and Safety

  • Compile and audit risk assessments

  • Arrange rolling programme of reviews

  • Liaise with external agencies

  • Satisfy that school is secure for all pupils



  • Draft school budget for year for approval by Governing Body

  • Plan priorities for expenditure for year

  • Plan for capital build and soliciting tenders etc

  • Plan for the purchase of equipment

  • Updating library resources (financial implications)

  • Work in partnership with staff to ensure adequate resources for any appointments/pay increases/workforce reform implications

  • Planning for expenditure for routine maintenance

  • Write policy for delegated spending for the school

  • Work within best value

  • Monitor budget expenditure



  • Monitor general maintenance issues and decide on priorities for work on premises linked to budget

  • Decide priorities / plan the premises budget on an annual basis

  • Make decisions on school contracts for premises maintenance following rules of best value


Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

  • Regularly monitor quality, progress and making assessments of performance when contract renewal dates imminent

  • Decide grounds maintenance in line with premises maintenance

  • Liaise with LA on future building plans.

  • Seek and apply for funding for premises that may be available from appropriate organisation

  • Devise and monitor accessibility plan.



  • Annually review pay of staff in school

  • Pay awards in line with performance management recommendations.

  • Write & review pay policy

  • Establish pay appeals sub committee



  • Explore rental/use of school buildings by other bodies, promote availability/decide on changes and monitor use

  • Promote and monitor extended school provision, eg nursery, out of school club

  • Investigate use of school during out of school hours

  • Identify and monitor areas for collaboration with other schools



  • Produce draft publicity/PR procedure/policy

  • Monitor style/corporateness of materials

  • Liaison with other providers


Non Delegated (in these areas the committee will make recommendations to the governing body)


Health & Safety

  • Establish and review health & safety policy annually

  • Establish and review policy for school visits and appropriate risk assessments



  • Approval of school budget



  • Decide longer term priorities for work on premises to link into development / strategic plans


Buildings & Grounds Maintenance

  • Decide plan, budget etc longer term building work

  • Make insurance recommendations



  • Liaise with local media

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