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Year 5 are looking forward to a busy summer term!


Our science topics this term are the lifecycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and plants and changes into old age including humans.  We will also be reviewing a range of ICT programmes and choosing the most effective way of presenting our findings and investigation results.


Our history is based around World War II and the impact of the Battle of Britain.  We will learn about key events as well as the historical heritage of Appleby.  Mrs Mackenzie is also working on a special project based on the WWII experiences of local families. Where possible, we will be taking an enquiry led approach to our history work.  To complete their independent projects the children will generate their own questions and plan and conduct their own research using a variety of information sources. 


In English, our class text will be Carrie’s War as we explore the realities of life during WWII.  This will be our whole class reading text and it will also be used as a base to develop our writing skills.


PE this term will be cricket (Wednesday afternoon) and athletics and outdoor games (Monday afternoon) and the children will need their full outdoor and indoor kit in school so we can be flexible and are prepared for all weather conditions.  We will be getting  an expert cricket coach to teach the children on Wednesday afternoon.  The swimming group (parents of the children involved have been informed) will be on Tuesday afternoon.



Miss Andrews will give spelling homework on Friday to help prepare for our spelling test on the following Friday. 

Maths homework will be given out on Thursday be completed over the weekend and handed in on the following Monday.  In addition to this the children would benefit from reading to an adult at least twice a week and using TT Rock Stars regularly.



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