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In Year 5 we are preparing ourselves for a hectic autumn term!


In maths we will continue to develop our key skills to solve problems and puzzles using our maths mastery approach. We will  learn strategies and techniques for problem solving and will be honing our mental arithmetic skills. Another key focus will be to learn our times tables to 12 x 12  (using times Tables Rock Stars to help us) and to apply that knowledge throughout the maths curriculum. Each week we will use a maths mastery approach to focus on a particular table, working towards a weekly tables test.   In the second half of the term our focus will be written calculation, and in particular multiplication and division.


Our science topics this term are Forces and Earth Science.  We will be looking at forces in action and will plan and conduct investigations to discover how these can be used to solve real life problems.  In addition we will study the Solar System and how the sun and the moon impact on night and day and the changing seasons.  We will also be reviewing a range of ICT programmes and choosing the most effective way of presenting our findings and investigation results.


Our history in the first half of the term will be the history of the Lake District.  We will learn about the historical heritage of the national park and will plan and complete a range of activities to develop our keys skills. Where possible, we will be taking an enquiry led approach to our history work where the children will generate their own questions and plan and conduct their own research using a variety of information sources. 


In art we will be studying the work of Lake District artist William Heaton Cooper and in DT we will be designing and making our version of traditional Grasmere shortbread and will design Lake District themed packing to store and transport it.


PE this term will be outdoor games and the children will need there full outdoor and indoor kit in school every day so we can be flexible and are prepared for all weather conditions.  



Mrs Wilkinson will give spelling homework on Friday to help prepare for our spelling test on the following Friday. 

Maths homework will be given out on Thursday be completed over the weekend and handed in on the following Monday.



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