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Summer Term 2022

Welcome back to our final term for this academic year. We have got a very exciting Summer Term ahead.

Our historical studies will take us to the ancient civilisation of Egypt. What will we discover in the tombs? Who was Tutankhamun? How on earth did they build those pyramids? And how did the hieroglyphics influence written records? So much to answer and discover, while probably having a bit of fun wrapping each other up as mummies!

In Science we will be investigating Sound- we will discover the importance of vibrations and how we can alter pitch using quicker or slower vibrations. No doubt there will be a quite a racket when we develop our own musical instruments, applying our understanding of sound and how it can travel.

We will continue to learn a new song each Half-Term to perform in the school’s singing circle. Maybe our musical instruments could accompany us this term?

In the second part of the Summer term, we will start a new Science topic about animals and humans, looking closely at the human digestive system- the journey our food takes from the first bite to the last flush and how each and every part of the journey has its own importance for our body.

Keeping our bodies healthy, we will be beginning Swimming on a Tuesday. This will continue for 6 weeks. We will have an additional P.E. slot on a Friday. Please ensure you have a full kit in school to be able to take part. Please save any ear piercings for the start of the Summer holidays as your child will not be able to take part in P.E. if they have earrings in.

Our English will be inspired by our history topic and we will continue to develop our writing skills, using more and more creative techniques and becoming confident with a wide variety of writing styles.

As the final term approaches, we will work hard on securing our times tables, to have rapid recall in the 1-12 times table by the end of the year. Any additional work at home with this would really support your child’s learning in school.

All of this while learning to write algorithms to achieve a specific outcome in Computing, developing our Modern Foreign languages in French and finely tuning our sketching in Art.

It’s going to be a busy but brilliant term.

We look forward to seeing you!

Mrs Parsons and Miss Matenczuk


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