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Appleby Primary School

Welcome Message

Autumn term 2020

Here in Class 3 we are looking forward to giving children a warm welcome back to school life and to support them in starting their KS2 journey.

Although it might be slightly different in school, we will try our very best to make sure every child feels settled and nurtured in what we hope will be an exciting school year.


For this Autumn Term, the Class will be building on a wide variety of skills and knowledge.  We will be learning about the Stone Age right up to the Iron Age.


During this historical journey, we will be discovering how they lived and how it compares to now; how we are able to learn about that era; what achievements they made and how they have influenced the way we live now.  This will support all areas of the curriculum, even Science, as we discover the world of Rocks.  We will investigate their differences and similarities, formations, current uses and how they supported life in the Stone Age.


Our fiction writing will be inspired by the book Stone Age Boy, written by Sitoshi Kitamura. We will be guided through the text using drama, discussion and debate, before developing our own stories.

This will inspire our writing until the nights draw in, before we dive into the creative writing of Louise Greig and her fantastic book ‘The Night Box’.


Mathematics will be taught daily and we will begin by securing their understanding of number and place value, before moving onto addition and subtraction. Throughout the year we will be supporting the children weekly with their times tables using 1:1 ‘Minute Maths’. This will require support from home but is hugely beneficial to their Numeracy work, as times tables support so many areas and need constantly repeating to achieve rapid recall at this age. We will send home support with this at the beginning of term. 


Alongside all of this, the children will be building on their ability to research and record using the Internet. How do search engines work and how is the Internet connected? Most importantly, we will be learning to spot the dangers that accompany using the internet.



Welcome to Appleby Primary School