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Summer Term 2024

Summer Term 2024


Hello Class 3! I hope you had a fantastic Easter holiday. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

School will begin at 8.45am and finish at 3.15pm.

Please ensure all break time snacks continue to be in line with our healthy food policy: and that bottles are filled only with water.


English: We will be continuing to read 'The Dragon in the Library' by Louie Stowell. We will be learning about the features of a newspaper, ready to write our own report based on a key event from the story.

We will then begin our new text, 'Secrets of a Sun King', by Emma Carroll, an exciting story with links to our upcoming work on Ancient Egypt in history.


Maths: In Maths we will be using the White Rose scheme to develop our confidence with fractions. We will also be learning about statistics, focussing on plotting and interpreting different types of graphs. This term we will also explore money and complete work on decimal numbers. We practise ‘fluent in 5’ challenges each morning to build mathematical fluency and develop our reasoning skills.


Times tables: At the end of Year 4, there is a statutory multiplication tables check. In order to best prepare for this, regular times tables practise will take place in class, developing both fluency and speed with times tables. Maths Frame is a brilliant way of familiarising yourselves with the layout and timings of the check at the end of the year. Maths Frame can be accessed on:

Times tables homework is sent home on a Monday and is due in on Fridays.


History: In our next unit of work in history, we will be exploring the question 'What achievements did Ancient Egypt make?'. We will learn about Ancient Egyptian writing, construction, technology and religion and how this has impacted other civilisations over time.


Science: In science, our units of work will focus on sound and animals, including humans. We will listen to, describe and compare different sounds, learning about how sound travels and discussing the terms 'pitch' and 'volume'. We will identify materials that affect sound and how it reaches our ears.

We will then explore the digestive system, locate and describe the functions of different organs and teeth. We will explain why some types of teeth are better suited to some species than others and link this knowledge to food chains, organising animals and plants according to whether they are producers or consumers.


Art and Design: We are excited to begin our next unit of work on drawing on animation! We will be drawing our own images and exploring how we can make them move, creating our own stories!


Computing:  We will be learning all about photo editing. We will learn about different effects that can be added to pictures and the impact they have on viewers. We will also discuss the ethics of editing and discuss positive and negative reasons for it.


PE: Children will be swimming on a Tuesday afternoon this term. If you are able to volunteer to walk down to the swimming pool with us, please send me a message via Seesaw. Cricket lessons will be taught on a Wednesday this term.


PSHE: Jigsaw PSHE will be delivered in by class teachers. This term’s themes in PSHE are ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me’. Please contact me via Seesaw if you wish to access any lesson plans on the Jigsaw parent portal.


Music: Garry Linsley will be teaching music to Year 4 on Mondays across this academic year. We are very excited to continue developing our confidence as musicians! Please remember to bring in your recorder on a Monday.


Spellings: Spelling patterns are taught on a Monday in preparation for the upcoming spelling test the following week. Spelling homework is sent home on a Monday and is due back the following Monday.


French and RE will be taught by Miss Ridley on a Wednesday.


Seesaw will be used to deliver communications to families.


Miss Andrews and Miss Matenczuk


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