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Summer Term 2021

After what has been a turbulent year, Class 3 have settled back into school brilliantly. We could not be prouder of them!

Hopefully the Easter holiday has provided a chance to truly relax and enjoy a house as a home, before we begin back at school in the classroom.

During this Summer and final term, Class 3 will be continuing their journey in history beyond the Iron Age into the era of The Romans. We will look at how the Romans impacted life in Britain and how they were able to achieve so much.

In English, we will be using the text 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Balit to inspire our writing, while enjoying the Roman mystery novel 'The Thieves of Ostia' to ignite our imagination.  

In Science we will be looking at the human body and its skeleton and muscles. We will use our learning to design suitable Roman Armour to protect us, while also looking at our digestive system and nutritional needs. How have our diets changed since the Roman era? 

All of this exciting learning will inspire our Design Technology work as we design Roman catapults, build Roman roads, bake Roman bread and create Roman shields.  

For Maths, we will be ensuring that the fundamentals of mathematics are consolidated before we move onto Fractions. We will also be using our mathematical skills to compare dates in history. 

P.E. will be twice a week, but we ask children to bring their kits every day. As the school day has some complicated logistics due to Social distancing, it is always good to be prepared for any eventuality. 


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Mrs Parsons & Mr Tyrell





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