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Appleby Primary School

Cyprus Blog Day Two

4th June 2019 Cyprus Little Explorers Day 2

Once we had woken the children, we headed down to breakfast.  The children chose from a selection of cereals. There was a range of breakfast from yogurt to cold meats.  At 8.30 the bus arrived to transport us to the Heritage school which is situated further inland from the hotel.  We stepped off the bus into the amphitheatre where we were greeted by the year 5 and 6 children.  We were personally welcomed to the school and then the celebrations began.  The children danced and sang songs before we watched some traditional Cypriot dancing involving a syth and some glasses.  We were amazed by the balancing skills of one of the men who managed to balance 16 glasses on his head.  After this amazing performance we were ready for refreshments as the heat was starting to get to us.  We met some of the school staff who were very welcoming before attending some classes with the year 5 and 6 children.  The children had the opportunity to ask and answer questions.  The Heritage school is a private school with children from 52 countries attending the school.  We were then shown around the school by a group of children.  The school is built on a terrace so the tour involved lots of steps.   After losing the other countries briefly we were taken to the Secondary school to meet the head teacher.  Shorty after this we moved to the canteen for pasta and salad.For pudding the children where offered some traditional pastries. We were so pleased when our children tried them. This was the end of the school day as the children only attend school in the morning.  We got the bus back to the hotel for a well-earned rest and dip in the pool.  The few drops of rain were welcomed and didn’t dampen our spirits. The afternoon soon flew by and before we knew it we were catching another bus along the coast to play games and have tea.  We had the opportunity to get to know the staff and children and even dipped our toes in the sea.  After a busy day we made our wayback to the hotel for an early night ready for day 3.   



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