Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Iasi Day Four

Well today started very, very early as we had a long journey to Iasi planned. We loved observing the beautiful countryside dotted with churches and traditional homes as we headed towards the city. 

On arrival we dismounted the coach, picked up our packed-lunches and began a guided tour of the city. 

We walked to the main square and past some beautifully decorated churches, covered with elaborate carvings - really picturesque. The national theatre was next on the agenda. Again it was breathtakingly stunning both inside and out. Then the science museum in the palace of culture where we learned all about the changes in musical technology through the years. After that the children took part in games in a park. After being initially apprehensive, the girls threw themselves into the games with their European teammates. After a short break for lunch, where Mrs Johnston had her first ever pretzel, they were off again for more games - one of which seemed to involve throwing balls at each other! Having looked closer at the game, I have noticed that they are actually throwing the balls at a target with nets in it to score points. 

Next it was time to shop. After a swift game of ten-pin bowling, which was won by AJ - beating all three staff, who were playing as a TEAM! We ventured into the mall where we bought a variety of souvenirs - the parents/siblings/family are in for a real treat when the children arrive home! It was then time for frozen yoghurts, fizzy drinks and to top it off a couple of random mega-buckets from KFC as we had learnt all about nutrition and health lifestyles from a pop-up display earlier in the day. Mrs Johnston, Mrs Tinkler and Mr Caygill all found time for a spot modelling at this point with ‘YoTez’ and ‘Sassy’ being the inspiration ( see accompanying pictures for evidence).

Finally it was time for home and with four little ladies asleep and three adults almost asleep, we headed back to Vaslui for some more shopping (chocolate) then our last evening meal in Romania. 

The children are currently playing twister with a girl from Slovakia and having lots of fun. 


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