Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Poland: final day

Our final morning in Biecz, after an amazing week away. We had a bit of a lie-in today as breakfast was at 9:00 am. We finished packing then walked up into the town for some last-minute shopping before catching the bus to the airport. This took a couple of hours and we then prepared ourselves for a very long wait as we arrived soon after 2:00 pm and weren’t flying till 8:55 pm. Still, we made the best of it as we found a games area and played Twister, table tennis and table football; we did some souvenir shopping; we went to the observation deck to do some observing then we played on Snapchat and saw what we would look like if we were pretty babies - the fun literally never stopped!

Eventually we got through passport control and enjoyed a lovely pizza/pasta meal then got ready to board. 

We’re so proud of the the children we’ve brought away with us. They’ve been great ambassadors for our school and spending a week with them has been a joy. A huge thank you to Marilyn for keeping us on track and supporting us throughout the week. Our flight is a little bit delayed but we’ll be home soon. Signing off from Poland: good night. 

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