Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Book Swap

Following their recent Rubbish Rebels Topic, Class 3 would like to continue their mission to save the planet by helping people to reuse and swap their unwanted items.

They would like to invite all pupils of Appleby Primary School to bring in a book of good condition that they no longer want for a Whole School Book Swap. Once they bring in their book(s), their name will be recorded and they will be given one token, or more, depending on the number of books they bring in. This can be ‘spent’ at the book sale during break time. No money will be needed as it is a swapping event.

As we cannot guarantee that there will be a book that your child desires at the book swap, we urge them to only bring in books that they are happy to give away. These must be in a good condition to be enjoyed by a lucky new owner. Any books that are remaining will be used for the book stall at the May Fair.

Class 3 have learned that one sheet of A4 paper takes over 5 litres of water to make! This takes into account growing the tree and the water used in manufacturing paper.

1 A4 sheet of paper weighs 5 grams, therefore 5 grams of paper uses 5 litres of water. On average a paperback book weighs 450g. Children were staggered to calculate that one book can use up to 450 litres of water to produce. Additionally, the production of this paper emits 7.5kg, or 7500grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) into our atmosphere.

We are asking all books to be in school before Monday 15th April. The Whole School Book Swap will be held at break time on Wednesday 17th April.

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