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Italian Blog - Day 3

Day 3 – Italian Blog By Hannah

With a busy day ahead, we strode downstairs with a tired face and floppy arms to get breakfast. Zak beat his world record of 7 croissants. Straight after breakfast we had to set off on our next adventure to Monte Saint Angelo and Manfredonia. It was a long journey but worth it, where we visited the Sanctuary San Michele Archangel and witnessed Mass. Following this some of us went to spend a penny, but this cost 50 cents; Mrs Tinkler was outraged. We had a short time to buy some gifts for our family. Then all of a sudden Ruby almost fell over because it was very slippery. A few minutes later Jack almost slid onto his back. We also saw a lot of churches around; Italy is a very religious country. It started to rain on and off all day and was a little cold but it didn’t stop us from having more ice cream. By the way the ice cream is 100% better than England’s.!We also visited a Monastery where 3 Monks live but we didn’t see them. On our way to the Monastery we saw mountain cows with huge horns, they use their milk to make their local cheese. We saw the Adriatic sea for the first time in the town of Manfredonia. Then on a road crossing we recreated one of the Beatles album covers. Finally back to the hotel for a game of Uno with our Romanian friends before an early night as we’ve got a very early start tomorrow (6am)!

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