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Appleby Primary School

Italy Blog - Day Five

Italian Job Day 5 

Our day of collaboration, evaluation and celebration started with a little lay in, followed by breakfast. After a quick run through of our presentation we set off on our last journey to school.  It was lovely to see the sky was blue and the sun shining too.  When we arrived at school we where greeted by a group of teachers eager to share their craft skills. We started with a Christmas decoration which was simple.  However, the next activity of frog origami met some confusion from the children and teachers.  A quick break before learning about healthy eating and the benefits of each country’s local cuisine.  We livened up the group by performing our 1,2,3,4,5 a day song.  Next on the agenda was pasta making with the grandmothers of school children.   Zak got stuck in learning how to mix and make the pasta whilst the rest of us learnt how to shape different types of pasta, which was quite therapeutic. The parents of the school were involved again in making us a delicious pasta lunch with local cheese and salami.  The afternoon was packed with fun and laughter as we tried to join in with tradition dance moves.  Jack especially enjoyed the freestyle Turkish dance moves (see the video clips).  Finally, we were presented with gifts from our Italian hosts and said our goodbyes before heading back to the ice cream shop for the last time.  Our children have been a credit to the school with exceptional listening and behaviour.  They have immersed themselves in new experiences made friendshipsand life long memories.    

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