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Appleby Primary School

Italy Blog - Day Two

Day 2 Italian Blog – Written by Jack

After a good night’s sleep, we were up and ready for 7:30. We had our first ever breakfast in Italy with Zak being a pig by eating 6 croissant and a bowl of coco pops. And then set off on our walk to school with Mrs Hearn (Maria) Anna Maria and Maria. When we arrived at the school we were in for a very warm welcome with every country singing their national anthem making our two teachers very emotional. After some flawless traditional Italian dancing performed by the older students we set off on our historic tour of the city centre. We played some Italian games in the streets but the games were very much like ours. They played hop-scotch, tug of war, soldier soldier and the penny game. Soldier soldier is when you get into two teams holding hands and one team shouts ‘country country we want your soldier’ to the other team and someone from that team runs to break your hand chain. On the way back to the school we sampled some luxurious Italian ice cream. We then had dinner- after visiting classes in the primary school- we tried a variety of new foods including Quince, Pomegranate, Chestnuts and other local foods. After that we got a bus to the Stem cell Research Institute and were shown around where the public aren’t normally allowed to go.   We have made lots new friends and looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures.  

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