Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Poland: Day 1

We set off at nine o’clock sharp and headed towards Leeds with a bit of a detour as a result of the A66 being closed.  Check-in and passport control were really straightforward however our meal was slightly more problematic. We ordered separately and our food arrived one at a time - with a five minute interval between each item - so that Mr Caygill and Miss Dickinson has to shovel their food in as the boarding gates were closing. It wasn’t the hardest thing to leave to be honest - I don’t think Gordon Ramsay has much to fear!

We got on the plane easily and were really close to the back so it allowed us to get on and off quickly. L loved her first flight and especially enjoyed zooming along the runway before takeoff. Our flight was around two hours long and we were soon in a taxi, heading to our hotel. On arrival we met our Polish hosts, who were very welcoming and made us feel immediately at home. We also met the Spanish group who had just arrived before us. Later we met up with the Cypriot group and all went out for our evening meal: chicken and mushroom pizza. 

Later we walked into the historic centre of Kraków which was absolutely beautiful with glimmering fairy lights, horse and carts (complete with rear lights) and an array of stunning, historical buildings. Lots of tired people - especially the adults - but ready for tomorrow’s adventures. 

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