Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Poland: Day 4

Breakfast was earlier today as we were visiting the ‘early years’ part of the school, which is on a different site from the rest of the school. We went into several different classes and were greeted with songs, sung in English, about the seasons, asking questions and saying hello and welcome. Lu and N had their photo taken with a huge teddy bear although N looked slightly more impressed with this than Lu!

We then went into Biecz to sightsee. We went to a museum about Marcin Kromer   As he is Biecz’s most famous son and Ly was inspired by his statue. Then it was a tour of the cathedral, which was stunningly beautiful and full of golden carvings and statues, that N recreated with uncanny realism. We then went on to a museum of pharmacy, where J photographed everything in sight,  then climbed to the top of the town hall - all 167 steps of it. We really have climbed many, many steps this week - our legs can definitely feel it!

There was then time to stock up on all the essentials: Fanta, chocolate, biscuits and more chocolate. Next it was free time in the hotel before returning to school for a quiz and sports night. The children wore themselves out in a variety of team games and ran off some of their excess energy!

Then it was home for tea and ready for bed - we need all our energy for lollipop making tomorrow!

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