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Appleby Primary School

Poland: Day 5

The weather this morning was clear with a bit of fog that soon burnt off as the sun came up. After breakfast, we headed to Carpathian Troy, which was a museum of mediaeval Poland - a bit like Beamish but older. First of all we painted wooded eggs -in a traditional Polish style - which was excellent. It was the quietest we’d been all week however it was much harder than we thought. My Caygill assumed he would be an expert at it but his shaky hands did not agree. Everyone had a really good go at it with Ly’s egg having the colour and texture of moss: interesting. Everyone else’s being more in keeping with the original style. 

We then visited the mediaeval and bronze-age villages which involved more . . . Steps! Today’s tower had 201 so more than yesterday but fewer than Monday in the steps league table. 

Next, it was lunchtime and it was everyone’s favourite meal of the trip as we all like to widen our culinary horizons with traditional Polish food - it was chicken nuggets and chips!

After that, we headed into Jiaslo to the lollipop museum where we learned about the history of lollipops then had a go at making them. We opted for strawberry flavour and then all bought some to take home for souvenirs - maybe? After that, we wandered into the town square for refreshment before heading back to the hotel with a glorious sunset to accompany us. 

Then it was free time before food: cheese pancakes and caramel sauce, fresh cream and icing sugar - yes, really!

It’s our last full day tomorrow and the children have been great throughout the week. Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures now. 

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