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Spain Blog Day 4

Today started with a very early breakfast (we’ve got our breakfast choices down to a fine art by this point, even stashing biscuits for later in the day) ready for hitting the road to Seville. We dressed for the sun and kept our fingers crossed that the clouds over Ronda would stay there. Our journey to Seville was very bumpy but everyone travelled well. When we arrived in Seville we walked down some beautiful streets lined with old buildings and arrived at the Plaza de Espana. An amazing decorated building, which was first built as an exhibition in 1929 and features tiled friezes of different Spanish towns. After another short walk, we emerged through an archway to one of the most famous sights in Seville. The patio de los naranjos. We were surprised at the scent of the oranges from the trees even in the autumn.

Next, we headed into the amazing palace gardens, soaking up the culture of this stunning place. We saw peacocks, made use of the water fountains and enjoyed a well-deserved ice lolly in the 25° heat.   After a quick packed lunch in the patio de los naranjos we spent some time sightseeing and wandering around the shops of Seville. We are all feeling a bit tired today and, as J puts it “My feet hurt from walking on different shapes”.

Luckily, Mrs Tinkler came to the rescue with some much-needed churros.  On the drive back to Ronda our Erasmus ambassadors had a catnap, then after some free time, it was time for our next activity.

One of the teachers from our host school keeps bees, and she taught us how to make real candles. We took real beeswax and rolled it around a wick, then decorated it with fresh herbs and flowers. We just hope they survive the journey home as several are destined to be gifts! After the workshop we had dinner and the Slovakian team shared a game they play using clay marbles, and another with clay figures and wooden blocks.  

As it’s Halloween, the children then found the face paint that Mrs Poole had brought and F teamed up with one of the Bulgarian girls to paint Mrs Tyson’s face, as badly as possible. After painting as many faces as we would get our sponges on, the children from all of the countries headed to the courtyard outside the dormitories to play games with Juanmo, one of our hosts, at “witch” point a terrifying sight appeared in Mrs Tyson’s doorway.  A terrifying Mrs Tinkler in full face paint!  Eventually,  the children managed to remove their face paint and settle into bed, we are so excited to visit la Alhambra in Granada tomorrow.

It’s sad to think that our time in Ronda is going so quickly, but when we get home we’ll be excited to catch up on some sleep!

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