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Spain Blog - Day 5

Today we’ve been making the most of our final day in Ronda, we’ve spent our day visiting Granada and the Alhambra. The Alhambra was first designed as a form of military fortification but eventually developed into the royal residence and court of Granada.

We began our day rather later than earlier in the week as our explorers are becoming increasingly difficult to extract from their beds. However, it wasn’t long before we were on the coach on our way to Granada. The coach trips today have been the children’s only screen time all week and they tell us they haven’t missed it. They watched a film in each direction, as well as playing traditional games from the time of the Spanish civil war.

Upon our arrival in Granada we walked around La Alhambra, which was breathtakingly beautiful. We then visited a traditional marquetry workshop. After this, we had lunch (during which J challenged himself to try a banana and enjoyed it), explored central Granada and experienced the joy of a tipping public toilet (much to Mrs Tyson’s dismay). Our children then made their final souvenir purchases before heading up what felt like the world’s longest hill for spectacular views of the city and the Alhambra walls -which were well worth the walk. 

Once we landed back at our accommodation, we enjoyed some free time, followed by dinner and a leaving party thrown by our hosts featuring biscuits, sweets and Olympic standard musical chairs. We’ve had a wonderful week and are very grateful to Auxi and the rest of the team from C.D.P. Fernando De Los Rios for their hospitality and the fabulous activities they put together for us.

Quotes of the week (can you spot the theme?);

  • So much bread!
  • Do you have any bag biscuits?
  • Chocolate doors

In the morning we’ll be packing and heading back to the airport, we’re going to miss all of our friends from the mobility but hope that we can bring home many of the things we’ve learnt and share them with the rest of our school and community.  We look forward to our next Erasmus+ experience and can’t wait to hear from the team heading to Italy next week!

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