Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Spain Blog Day One

After waking up to frost and fog, our latest bunch of explorers made an early start on their journey to Ronda, near Malaga. Meeting incredibly early (and for some of them, too early for breakfast) we set off up the M6 to Glasgow. As we left Cumbria, the fog lifted leaving beautifully clear skies and the perfect conditions for flying. Although we were worried about rush hour traffic, we arrived at the airport with hours to spare. 


We efficiently set our sights on the baggage drop and weighed and checked in Mrs Poole and Mrs Tinkler's luggage, quickly discovering that our bags were heavier than anticipated. After distributing most of Mrs Tyson's belonging's into F's carry on we headed to security. After a quick zip through the scanners, we were ready for a well-deserved early lunch at Frankie and Benny's.


Once we boarded the plane we soon got comfortable, playing top trumps and Harry Potter trivial pursuit. The excitement was fabulous to hear. 


"You can tell when you're flying because you get a funny feeling in your tummy"


We had a fabulous flight, played lots of games, had some snacks and before we knew it we were landing in Malaga., but wasn't the end of our aviatory adventure. Luckily, the cabin crew were kind enough to chat with us, show us the cockpit and let the children have a look at the controls for the plane. Unfortunately, it meant that we had to wait to disembark and then had to hotfoot it through security and baggage claim so that our taxi didn't abandon us. It was well worth it though and a real bucket-list experience for the children.


As the sun set over the Spanish mountains four very tired children (and three tired adults) made their way to their accommodation. On our arrival, we quickly settled into our dormitories, then headed for a delicious dinner at Las Delicias of frittata, salad and soup. This was swiftly followed by a ghoulish bedtime story from Mrs Poole and a quick practice of our morris dancing routine, which we'll be performing tomorrow. 


We've had a fabulous first day on our exchange and are so excited to see the traditional dances, games and costumes that our partner schools have to share tomorrow. 

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