Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Vaslui - Final Day

Our final breakfast in the hotel was lots of fun with cucumber being the food of the day - mainly because of its potential for making you look like a walrus (and its nutritional value too!). Then in was time for packing which was ‘interesting’ as some people were packed and ready while others looked as though their area had been ransacked by a gaze of raccoons (gaze is the actual collective noun for raccoons as I’ve just googled it for you fact fans out there!). 

On arrival in school, we were soon being crafty. First it was spoon painting with a traditional Romanian design using red, blue and yellow paint. We found that wafting the spoons around helped it to dry! Then a teacher used white paint to add everyone’s name and they look stunning. Next it was a Fimo workshop where we made badges and jewellery - it was the quietest that Mr Caygill and Mrs Johnston had been all week as they were concentrating so hard. 

Next it was a very emotional end to our time in school. Each of us awarded one of our Romanian friends a prize for the way they have been with us through the week. It was very difficult making the choice as all the host children had been amazing. We were so proud of all the girls as each one stood up and explained to a room full of about sixty people why they were awarding their award. This took real courage and their reasons were heartfelt and wonderful. 

We then said goodbye to the children from the school and there were many hugs, kind words and even a few tears. 

Next we had lunch before catching the taxi to the airport. The departure lounge was tiny but just right for us as we were quickly on the plane and in the air - where I am currently writing this. 

Mrs Johnston, Mrs Tinkler and I would like to say how grateful we have been to be involved in this project. All four girls from APS have been an absolute joy to spend time with: kind, patient, thoughtful, adventurous, hilariously funny, talented rappers, game-players, croissant-gobblers, friend-makers and just generally excellent company. They should be proud of themselves and what they have achieved/contributed this week. 

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