Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Cyprus Blog Day Five

Most of the team started the day with a lie in as there was no school today.  However Mrs Hearn sprang out of bed and had a little explore of her own, leaving everyone else sleeping.  A quick run to work off all the ice cream took her along the promenade and then to the ancient ruins of anchios.  The rather large lizards were out in force making the most of the early morning sun. The views were stunning and it was a chance to reflect on the week.  The children have been great ambassadors for the school and the country.  After breakfast they also had some time to reflect and think about what they had learnt during the visit.  They spoke of friendships they had made and overcoming the initial difficulties of communicating with children who spoke a different language.  During the week the children have experienced many challenges.  They have learnt to overcome these with support from the staff and each other.  Although it’s only been a few days since we were welcomed by the Heritage school it feels so long ago.   There have been so many friendships and memories made. A visit that won’t be forgotten.    

After all that reflection it was time for a swim before heading to the beach for a picnic.  It was 38 degrees outside so the shade of a palm tree was perfect for our picnic.  Pitta bread with cheese and salami followed by a water melon eating competition.  Refreshing but very messy, Chloe manged to devour hers in no time at all. We quickly moved between the patches of shade back to the hotel for a final swim.   We were soon saying our goodbyes to the hotel staff who had made us all feel so welcome.   They were very complementary about the children’s behaviour and had enjoyed having them as guests.  At 7.00 we left the hotel for our return journey.  The children thought it was highly amusing as both Mrs Hearn and Mr B bleeped as they went through security and had to be checked over.  The plane took off in good time and shortly after the children and staff were all fast asleep. We arrived into Manchester in good time and after a short wait for the taxi we set off back to Appleby.  At 4.30 we arrived back at school to some rather unpleasant rain. Not a very warm welcome.  We hope you have enjoyed following our trip and look forward to sharing more pictures and memories with the school on our return.   Perhaps next time you will be a little explorer and be able to make life long memories of your own.    

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