Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Iasi/Vaslui Day Two

Day two started bright and early. Well it was early and the weather was bright but we, sadly, were rather subdued/exhausted. We ate breakfast in the hotel before our first foray into school in Vaslui. We were treated to an amazing welcome by the children and staff of the school before being taken on a tour. We saw everything from the biology lab to a Y1 lesson on letters and numbers to the school gym and playground. Everyone made us feel very welcome. 

Next we played some team-building games before snacks then a performance that could rival X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent all rolled into one. Romania definitely has talent to rival anything that Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden have witnessed. There was a stunning ballet routine, a variety of individual and groups singing, some very accomplished piano playing and a grand finale of traditional dancing involving everyone from the partner schools - Mr Caygill would definitely have pressed his golden buzzer if he had one available!

Next it was time to take a walk through Vaslui itself. It was a mix of old and new Romania with a highlight being a church built by Stephen the Great to commemorate one of his many great victories in battle (he built 44 apparently so was evidently very good at battling!)

Then it was time for a spot of lunch with all the other schools. Starter was soup and Mrs Johnston tucked into hers like there was no tomorrow. HL managed a whole spoonful of hers, LCr gulped down about a centimetre of hers and AJ and LCo appeared to actually touch the soup with the tip of their tongue. Needless to say, Mr Caygill slurped all of his down. The main course was slightly more to the children’s taste and they all ate some meat and chips (please refer to yesterday’s mention of culture vultures at this point). Mrs Tinkler was delighted to meet up with her ‘Romanian family’ in the restaurant as she reacquainted herself with friends who she made on her very first visit to Romania. 

We then returned to the hotel for a ‘nanna-nap’ to perk us up for games later in the day. 

We played a variety of games with the best one being a game where we have a ‘secret friend’ from another country and we have to pass compliments to them through the week anonymously. It’s a really lovely thing to do and we are hoping for loads of compliments by the end of the week. We’re also looking forward to complimenting our new friends. The children are currently working in mixed groups to create a flag which represent everyone in the group. 


The children have been absolutely brilliant and took their lack of sleep totally in their stride - never moaning but remaining polite and patient at all times. We’re really proud of them. 


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