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Italian Blog - Day Four

Day 4 Italian Blog by Zak 

After some vigorous shaking by Mrs Johnston at 05.45 I woke up.  Mrs Johnston told me I had 5 minutes to get ready.  I rapidly got dressed, brushed my teeth and accidently head butted the door.  We got to the coach on time however the Bulgarians were 40 minutes late which delayed our journey.  We were hungry and tired so some had a little snooze on the way.   Eventually we arrived at the Royal Palace of Caserta near Naples.   There were 120 rooms and only 40 of them were bedrooms.  We went on a guided tour around the palace looking at real gold and the Bodyguards room had walls made of gypsum plaster.  We learnt about the Kings that lived there and saw the damaged marble pillars from a bomb that fell on the Palace during WW2.   Mrs Hearn and Mrs Johnston got a history lesson from Jack as he proved them both wrong about their knowledge of Napoleon.  Whilst having a picnic in the garden we were attacked by flying ants.  After lunch Mrs Hearn and Mrs Johnston took us for a tiring walk through the Palace gardens.  We saw fish and some lizards bathing in the sun. Mrs Hearn was challenged to a race with Eyup from Turkey and Christina from Portugal but Turkey was cheating.   It was nice and sunny and we were hot and sweaty so thought we deserved another ice-cream!! On the way back,the cool bus driver put on some rad beats (Hannah and Ruby were fast asleep at this time). Tonight’s tea was alright, it was lasagne then steak and chips and pudding was more ice-cream. Now we are going to play Uno and go to sleep. Ciao for now.

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