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Italian Blog - Final Day

Day 6 Italian Job – By Jack Wilson

After a lot of goodbyes to our foreign friends – we also sneaked a few hugs in- we got into our beds for the last time. We got a good night sleep, definitely Zak who had to get woken up AGAIN but this time by Mrs Hearn. When we had got up we packed for our journey home, we went down for our yummy breakfast and sat opposite the only other country left who were Romania. I had a weird combination of sausage and cake and managed to not make it a hat-rick of spilling my drink because of Zak’s cunning plan of using a saucer but the girls didn’t need to because they were smart (for once) and didn’t spill it in the first place. After playing a few games of Mafia – and Ruby mastering the string game and teaching others - we went to brush our teeth and then went shopping to buy a few souvenirs with some of us buying pasta to take home. For dinner we had pizzas for only the second time. On our way back from the shops we saw an ordinary dog but Hannah acted like it was a unicorn, but it was really cute. We got on the taxi for the 3 hour journey to the airport where we would buy some sweets and chocolate for the flight and for family members. When we got on the plane Mrs Johnston got a shock when the air steward said the flight was going to Dublin; he was joking. Now we’re safe on the plane for our journey back to Manchester.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our photo, reading our blogs.

We all can’t wait to give our family and friends huge hugs and tell them about our Italian adventures.

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