Appleby Primary School

Appleby Primary School

Poland: Day 6

This morning we were joined by children from the Polish school and headed up into the mountains to the horse stud. There was snow on the ground and it was really, really cold. On arrival, we had a quick snowball fight then warmed up before getting onto carts pulled by horses and riding out along the roads near the farm. Everyone enjoyed this despite the cold. The horse hair, and Nicole’s hair, blew into people’s faces and our cart passes the time with an alphabet game. Unfortunately, Mr Caygill is allergic to horses (but not Nicole) and his eyes went red and swelled up a bit so he didn’t go into the building with the horses and just sat on his own like Terry-No-Mates as he didn’t want to scare the horses! Everyone else went into the barn with the horses and petted and fed them - including two foals - then went into the arena. At this point all of the children and Miss Dickinson and Marilyn rode on a horse and were led round the arena by another adult. Everyone loved the experience - well, almost everyone!

We then had lunch - tradition Polish cuisine - of mashed potato, chicken in breadcrumbs and a kind of sauerkraut - it was nice but it was no chicken nuggets. All the children had a good go at eating this - they’ve really broadened their food horizons as the week has gone on. As it’s national Women’s day, the ladies amongst us got a special chocolate - We gentlemen didn’t mind at all though as the four ladies have been great company and deserved a treat for putting up with us three!

After lunch we played games with our European friends before heading to a wooden Greek Orthodox Church made from wood. On the outside it appeared a small, unassuming building but, on entering, it was spectacular with icons and gold and carvings to make your eyes pop. Sadly, today has been marred by the lack of steps - it really was a tragedy (for the nineties kids among you!) but our legs deserved a rest. 

Then we had a much needed rest in our rooms before the farewell dinner. Packing mostly done and all set for the journey home tomorrow. 

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