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Appleby Primary School

Portuguese Blog -Day One

After an early meet, we soon got on our way to the airport. After thinking the minibus has developed some technical issues part way through the journey, we soon discovered it was Mrs Brown snoring in the front seat.

We got checked in and went straight through customs and then to the departure lounge. Breakfast was calling. We even had time to do a bit of shopping. 

We finally boarded and took off. The flight was good, the food was ‘interesting’ and the descent... well we thought we must have missed the L plates on the back of the plane when we boarded! It was bumpy to say the least. 

Once we had collected our luggage we were picked up and set off for our guest house. We crossed the longest bridge any of us had ever seen. We learned it was the Vasco da Gama bridge which is over 17km long. (After a quick maths lesson and with the help of google we converted this to 10.5 miles). It connects the northern and southern parts of Portugal over the Tagus river. Finding the accommodation proved a little tricky for the taxi driver. But after asking a few locals we finally got there. We quickly unpacked and had a stroll through town to the port. The sun was setting and the view was amazing. 

It was then time to be collected to meet with some new friends and colleagues from Spain and Slovakia. We ordered a meal that was big enough for all 7 of us to share... and there was still some left over.

Children have all been amazing, and we can’t wait for our first full day tomorrow.

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